Monday, September 4, 2017

Look What You Made Me Do

Has anyone heard Taylor Swift's latest track: "Look What You Made Me Do"? 
I'm personally not her biggest fan but I must say, her lyrics to this song is BAD-ASS.

Bang, Bang, You're Dead! 

I'm currently having this song on repeat because decoding it is fun!
I reckon it's written based on her drama with Kanye West & all haters surrounding her daily drama. Nevertheless, the lyrics are worth the listen.

I'm a person that appreciates good lyrics and this song is IT. 
Plus, this bomb-ass song is motivating AF, it kinds gives me the vibe that you have it all - now it's time to kick ass and let no one bring you down. (in her case, burn some cash, rob a bank and never get caught!) lol.

"I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, I'll be the actress staring in your bad dreams"

Side note, Katy Perry too had her new single "Swish Swish" out the same week (or so), I hated it. It was annoying and messy. I couldn't decide which and what was the song about.

Now, back to Taylor Swift - she reminds me alot of Bella Thorne only less obnoxious and classier (in some ways) try checking them out on Instagram, you'll know what I mean.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Force Of Nature

For the first time
This is the first time
The first time for me

I feel true love 

Your smile illuminates my heart
Your touch gives me happy goosebumps 
The dimple on your cheeks will I forever love 

Forever love

My hands are shaking 
My tongues are tied
My mind is in a mess
You're my calm before the storm

Seated by the window 
Casting shadows
Catching sunset 
The sun was pushing through 

We build sandcastles of dreams
By the beach on a beautiful day
You're the prettiest creature I've ever loved 

You're my sunday morning 
You're my everyday happy song 
You were caught in my heart


Her Mind of Her Own

Holla fellow earthlings,

This holiday season, I've decided to stay-in and be a bed potato, a productive one. I've made up my mind to put a wee-bit of effort to hit the gym and then for a quite swim and of course, to do stuff that I haven't got the chance to ever since lazy came into my life.

Eversince I landed myself a full-time job, I haven't the time to work-out, let alone sleep :( Yes, life has been depressingly lifeless lately. I remember ranting about it to my friend, he said "Life's that way, only if you let it - you gotta put effort to make things happen" 

From that day on, I've decided to start reading again, to start planning trips, to begin painting again, to stop being lazy, to take effort no matter how lazy I am because, no one can make you a better person but yourself.

My swim at the pool this morning, got me thinking alot the things I would like to achieve. I would like to feel inspired and creative again. It all begins with my inspiration portals - Music, Running, Tumblr, Reading, Writing, Painting and sooo many more.

Sometimes, listening to a certain song while browsing through Tumblr, gets your inspired. Yes, I'm strange. I also noticed my choice of songs have changed over the years.

Do bear with me on my random babbles, I have a tendency to talk about everything under the sun at the same time. If there were 10 of ME, I bet we would all be speaking at the same time.



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